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Well!! Because of our wide variety of software development services and that satisfies the clients across the globe.
Importantly, Indian Technology Company offers services at an affordable price that saves more cost as well as cost.

Our dedicated developers are highly experienced.
Apart from that, our developers are always updated with the latest technologies that solve the complex projects of our potential customers.

Cost can vary widely for software products. Very basic products that can be built on top of existing open-source frameworks might
come with a price range in the hundreds or low thousands of rupees. A comprehensive piece of software with complex business requirements could cost much more.
The most expensive software programs cost lakhs, though these are outliers and not reflective of average prices.

We work on an Agile model and evaluate the result frequently, we test our work (we conduct both development and acceptance tests),
we present it to you, we apply your feedback so you know you get what you are paying for.

At Indian Technology Company we do not charge any other hidden charges to our clients. Our professional software development company gathers your
requirements and gives you quotations at no cost. Once agreed on a given quotation, we stick to it until the final delivery of the product.

Yes of course, why not!! We at Indian Technology Company believe in updating every aspect of the development to our clients in the entire development process.
This way helps both clients as well as developers in order to build in the right direction.

We at Indian Technology Company Information Systems understand the different projects require different expertise and skills in order to develop the best software product.
For example, some clients reach out to us with simple projects and some with complex projects.
We have highly professional consultants who will guide you from scratch to the final phase. Our talents are experts in .Net, Angular, ReactJS,Codeignitor,Laravel etc.
Importantly, in the field of software development, these are the top programming languages that top developers use in order to fulfill the client’s requirements

Custom software development gives businesses an opportunity to enhance different features in order to achieve their business goals.
Apart from that, custom software development services give value to the business. Moreover, In order to scale your business to new levels, then consider outsourcing a custom software development company in India. There are several factors you need to consider when it comes to developing a custom software application.
1. Simple navigation dashboard.
2. Page Speed Optimization of the Software.
3. Knowing the page layout and design.
4. Placing the CTA- Calls to Action in the right place.

We at Indian Technology Company Information Systems understand that different clients have different ideas and requirements.
Moreover, different projects have different requirements too. When it comes to the cost of software development it depends on several factors like technology,
the number of experts to use, the complexity of the project, and many more. Our rates are always affordable when it comes to the software development.

Just like the cost of software development depends on several factors, the duration of completing a software development also depends on several factors.
Depending on the client’s requirements & complexity of the project,
customized software development can take nearly 1 to 4 weeks for the initial phase. And the second phase, which is the development phase,
will require nearly 1 to 6 weeks. Moreover, this duration will depend on the number of functions as well as pages needed in the software.
At Indian Technology Company Information System, we follow the agile development life cycle process to deliver your project in the least span of time.

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